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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Grandma Goes To Rama Bus Roster

Owen Sound | by Fred Wallace  

March 22nd Junket with Deals & 560 CFOS

Grandma Goes to Rama

Sunday March 22nd with Deals, The Surplus Store in Owen Sound


Assigned Seats

2 seats for our sponsor- Deals 
2 seats for Brian E. Wood from the Christmas Fund Broadcast auction 
2 seats for The Great Paul Hill 
& 2 seats for his sidekick Fred Wallace


23 Qualifiers ( 46 additional seats )

Joan Antler, Meaford
Debbie Bartley, Wiarton
Lorraine Boyd, Owen Sound 
Mary Boyle, Meaford 
Finley Cameron, Lion's Head
Lil Campbell, Owen Sound
Brenda Cruikshank, RR 5, Owen Sound
Susan Devries, Tara
Cathy Fudge, Owen Sound
Islay Hewgill, Owen Sound
Karen Kocher, Hepworth
Emily Lemon, Meaford 
Glenn McMillan, Bognor
Shirley McMillan, Shallow Lake 
Mel Miller, Meaford 
Ilene Mink/Wayne " Short Order " Cook, Georgian Bluffs 
Barb Mitchell, Owen Sound
Donna Mowat, Kincardine
Faerlene Nickel, Tara 
Sharon Peer, Springmount
Kyle Robertson, Leith 
Gary Smith, Hanover  
Carol Young, Walter's Falls 


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