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Thanks for listening to your favourite Bayshore Broadcasting radio station online!

About our online streams:

Bayshore Broadcasting stations have again upgraded their online streaming radio services to better serve you. Our new online radio streams are provided by Triton Digital. Some general frequently asked questions about our streams are included below.

If you were able to listen to our live streams before the change, your listening experience should not be affected. However, if you encounter trouble listening online at any time, please consult the suggestions on this page.

Most problems with the stream result from restrictive security settings or outdated software.  If your difficulties are not resolved with the help below, please contact [email protected].

Direct Stream URLs:

If your browser does not support our new streaming players, you may still be able to connect directly to the stream using the URLs below.

Station iTunes/most media players
simpler format
Windows Media Player only
560 CFOS
.pls .m3u .asx
Mix 106.5
.pls .m3u .asx
Country 93
.pls .m3u .asx
98 the Beach
.pls .m3u .asx
97.7 the Beach
.pls .m3u .asx
104.9 the Beach
.pls .m3u .asx
Sunshine 89
.pls .m3u .asx

Frequently asked questions:

QUESTION : When I click on the "listen live" link, nothing happens

  • Your popup blocker may have prevented the new window from opening. To deactivate it, you must access your firewall's configuration panel and click on "Allow pop-ups from this site."

QUESTION : I use Internet Explorer and when I launch the player, I see "Connection in progress, backup connection in progress" but it never actually connects. What can I do?

  • The problem could be your Internet Explorer configuration. Here are a few steps you can take to try to rectify the situation:
    • Make sure that you have the latest version of Internet Explorer (you can find it here).
    • Also make sure that you have the latest version of the Flash Player (you can get it here). If you still experience the problem you can try resetting your Internet Explorer options:
      • 1.Open Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" and select "Internet Options" in the drop down menu.
      • 2.In the window that opens, select the "Advanced" tab. At the bottom you will see "Reset Internet Explorer Settings;" click Reset.... Be aware that by doing this all your cookies, temporary files, and add-ons will be deleted and/or disabled.
      • 3.Close, and re-open Internet Explorer.
      • 4.When Internet Explorer re-opens you should be redirected to a welcome page. Do NOT turn on the automatic Phishing Filter! If you do turn it on you, need to start over and reset your settings again. Note that you can be asked if you want to turn on the Automatic Phishing Filter at any time during your browsing experience. Do NOT turn it on.
  • Try to listen to the station again. Let us know if you still can't connect.
QUESTION : When I log on the player page it says that I don't have the Flash Player installed on my computer. But I do have it. What's wrong?

  • Try running the player in a different web browser, such as Firefox. (Download Firefox).
  • If the player works in a different browser, then you need to check the settings on the browser that doesn't work. (See the Flash Player Help links, below.)
  • If the player still doesn't work, then try re-installing the Flash Player. For more information, refer to Adobe's help pages:

QUESTION : When I launch the Player, it says that I need to upgrade my version of Flash Player. How do I do that?

  • This means you are using an older version of Flash Player. Go here to update the Flash Player; that should solve the problem.

QUESTION : I can't access the stream. All my configurations are up to date including my browser and my Flash Player. I can't connect at all. What should I do?

  • Are you listening from home or from your place of work?
  • If you're at work, ask your network administrator if they have blocked the stream URL in the firewall office.
  • If you're at home, are you using any kind of firewall, anti-virus, or parental control? If so, disable it and try again.
  • If you can now listen to the stream, then you need to add the stream's URL to your firewall/anti-virus/parental control's "allow" list.

QUESTION : Do you have an app for my iPhone/iPod/iPad or Blackberry mobile device?

  • A Bayshore Broadcasting mobile app is currently available for Apple and older Blackberry devices. The streaming players on our websites should be compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Please note that streaming audio online consumes a considerable amount of bandwidth. If you do not have an unlimited data plan for your mobile device, you may quickly (in the course of a few hours of listening) use more data than your wireless plan allows. This may result in extra charges from your wireless carrier. Bayshore Broadcasting accepts no liability for additional charges incurred while listening to our online streams.
QUESTION : I want to know what that song was! Do you have a list of recently played songs on your website?
  • This feature is currently available for most of our stations, either by clicking the "Now Playing (click for full playlist)" link on the station website, or by selecting "song history" from the menu on our streaming player.
  • Some of our stations do not provide this information online, or experience occasional outages in this service. In those cases, if you wish to find out the name of a song, please contact the station you were listening to. Be prepared to provide the time that you heard the song, and we will do our best to identify it for you.

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