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First Game at SkyDome


By Fred Wallace

All I've heard for months is that I'm full of bologna.

It started in June when I mentioned I was at the SkyDome opener for the Toronto Blue Jays back in 1989.

Nobody believed that.

Sure enough, the other day I came across the " Collector's Edition " Scorebook for the Jays & Milwaukee, which by the way I paid $ 3 for.

I also kept score that night and my memory was correct that Paul Molitor had the first ever hit at the SkyDome, a double to left center.

He was sacrificed to third by Robin Yount and then driven in by Brewers shortstop Gary Sheffield. Yeah, Gary Sheffield played shortstop that night. Robin Yount was in the outfield by then.

That night, the Blue Jays lost 5-3 to Milwaukee as Fred McGriff had a 2 run homer and George Bell had a solo shot in the loss.

My notes say attendance was 48,378.

Sure, I could have looked all of that up on the Internet, but trust me, it's right here in my Collector's Scorebook, again a $ 3 purchase price, but certainly worth hundreds of dollars more 20 years after the SkyDome opened.

I'm Fred Wallace


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