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Provincial Qualifier at Dancemakers


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

It's few days away but you can appreciate the level of excitement is building for Dancemakers Dance & Gymnastics.

The Club will be hosting a Provincial Qualifying Meet on Sunday April 15th.

It's anticipated the one day competition will attract close to a dozen clubs from around Ontario with somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200 athletes competing in Level 3 to Level 5.

For Dancemakers, their athletes and the parents, this is a major acquisition on many levels.

One, they'll showcase their location and amenities.

Two, for once, the Dancemaker athletes will compete at home

& finally, this will serve as a litmus test for all the times Dancemakers had to travel to a competition and thought, ' we could do this '.

Could Dancemakers host something bigger than a Qualifier, that is, could the Provincial Gymnastic Championships be staged in Owen Sound ?

Yes. But not at Dancemakers. They'd have to rent the Harry Lumley-Bayshore which is a thought for another day somewhere down the road.

Right now, down the road ends on April 15th when the Provincial Qualifier is hosted at Dancemakers in Owen Sound.

I'm Fred Wallace

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