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The Spectacle


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

I didn't spend a lot of time watching the Winter Olympic Games...because I didn't have much time to watch the Winter Olympic Games.

However, I will say this, I rather liked the time shuffle that meant significant games, races & events were taking place in the early hours of the work day.

From a Canadian standpoint, there is great satisfaction as the country posted their best showing ever, garnering 29 medals, 11 of which were Gold.

Gold medals came in a variety of sports; Team Figure Skating & Ice dance, plus Freestyle Skiing, Mixed doubles Curling, Speed Skating, Bobsleigh and Snowboarding.....truthfully, events that we will pay precious little attention to for the next 4 years.

There was also major disappointments, in particular the failure to medal in both Men's & Women's Curling, plus losing to Germany in the Men's Hockey Semifinal  while our Women's Hockey team will have to hear it for four long years how they lost the Gold medal Final to the a shootout.

There was Gold and there was nothing.
There was great and there was bad.
There was special and there was spectacle.

That's really what makes the Winter Olympics shine every 4th year.

I'm Fred Wallace

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