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France Wins Again


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

As the Olympics raced towards the climatic final days and while the Attack were beating Guelph & Peterborough on the weekend, I managed to sneak away to Sawmill Trail on Saturday morning for the annual Jack Rabbit Carnival conducted by the Georgian Bay Nordic Ski Club.

There was a large contingent of young skiers on hand, the Jack Rabbit program caps their entries at 100.

You may ask, ' why stop at 100 ? '.

Well. put quite simply, they'd need many more volunteers to handle the overflow.

The neat thing about the Jack Rabbit Carnival is the youngsters are divided into 5 National teams; Finland, Germany, Norway, France &, of course, Canada.

Through a 90 minute rotation, each country participates in 5 games, events or nordic related activities and tries to score as many points as possible.

Fittingly, running parallel to the Winter Olympic Games, Norway won the team title with 176 points.........BUT....

The overall championship is decided without skis, settled in a team tug-of-war.

For the second straight year, France pulled their way to the Jack Rabbit Championship defeating Germany in the semifinal and then stopping the Cinderella Canadian team who finished 5th in the station events, in the best-of-3 tug-of-war Championship Final.

I'm Fred Wallace

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