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Let's throw some things together as we head to the weekend.

By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Let's throw some things together as we head to the weekend.

First of all, it's " Bowl for Kids Sake " at the Bowling Alley in Owen Sound both tonight & again tomorrow morning.

This is the major fundraiser for Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Owen Sound and it's been well supported through the years and I trust it will be again- we'll see you tomorrow morning.

Next, I want to thank the Knights of Meaford for an entertaining season of Greater Metro Junior Hockey League play.

The Knights were eliminated 2 straight by Temiscaming which makes for a short post season, but after 5 years, the Knights remain a viable operation on the ice and and an interesting portion of in the fabric of Meaford.

And finally, I'm a touch late on congratulating Attack Athletic Therapist Andy Brown on his 1,000th career game in the Ontario Hockey League, a milestone he hit last Sunday.

There's no question Andy's highlight moment was May 15, 2011 when Jarrod Maidens scored the overtime winner at Mississauga to give the Attack the OHL Championship.

But when I think of Andy Brown and his first 1,000 games I am reminded of one sequence, and there's no need to mention it took place when he was with Kingston.

The Frontenacs had a player who would best be described as a hypochondriac.

Day after day after day, the player's leg hurt, his knee ached, his back was out of whack, his shoulder throbbed.....

Day after day after day, Andy Brown attended to the player until finally Andy could take no more.

When confronted with yet another ailment, ribs this time, Andy gave the player a container of goop and told him to apply it to the injured area.

The player did as instructed, unaware that the goop.......was Turtle Wax and never once did the player question why the water from the shower was bouncing him off him at rapid speed.

Have a great weekend.

I'm Fred Wallace


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