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Mississauga On The Move ?


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I hope everyone had a GREAT Easter Weekend. Personally, I'm coming off a chocolate high, but we'll be fine in time.

I want to combo a couple of thoughts and a couple of sports today.

First, with the Ontario Hockey League Playoffs in full swing last week, one of the 16 clubs in the hunt for the Robertson Cup, made off ice news.

The reports came out that the Mississauga Steelheads are considering a move to another location.

This isn't news, it's the latest in an ongoing series of rumours, speculation and visual common sense.

The Steelheads-Majors-IceDogs have languished in terms of crowd support from Day 1, even though they've been successful on the ice in many seasons.

And if Mississauga is reportedly on the move again, what of North Bay ?

I ask this today after the World Women's Curling Championship was staged at the North Bay Memorial Gardens.

No question without the renovations to the building to accommodate the OHL Battalion, there's no way North Bay could have staged such a successful event.

But my understanding, from a trusted colleague, is that following each draw, shuttle vans were in place to whisk people out of the venue and back to the host club for drinks and socializing, essentially to prevent the city and/or the Battalion from profiting from heightened liquor sales.

How factual are the Mississauga and North Bay stories ? It depends on who you trust.

But trust me, the optics from the outside aren't particularly strong for those markets

I'm Fred Wallace

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