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Four Day Frenzy in Owen Sound


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Starting tomorrow and running for the next 4 days, the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre & the Julie McArthur Regional Rec Centre in Owen Sound will be the venues for the 2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championship Tournament.

This is the 2nd National Broomball event staged over 3 seasons in the city as the Men's & Women's Nationals were staged here in 2016.

Like the 2016 event, the Juvenile Championship is split by gender with 7 entries in the Girls Division plus 8 more teams competing for the National Boys crown.

The Girls event is being hosted by the Kilsyth Young Guns while the Boys Division host is the Kilsyth Flyers.

Naturally, the greater success of the host team on the ice equates to a more successful event from every regard for the organizers.

How will the Young Guns & the Flyers fare ?

It's hard to say with certainty since the bulk of the competition comes from elsewhere.

What is known about the Young Guns is they are a stingy group defensively and in a low scoring sport like Broomball, they'll be in every game and every game will be tight.

Those most in the know hope the Young Guns can go 7 & 0 but also concede that without an offensive punch, they might also go 0 & 7.

As for the Kilsyth Flyers, they've prepped for the event by playing in the competitive Men's League and have illustrated they're not an easy out for the men and quite likely will be well equipped for the round robin games on the horizon.

Play starts tomorrow for 4 days of the Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championship in Owen Sound.

I'm Fred Wallace



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