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Farrells To Be Inducted


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Athletics Ontario announced details of their upcoming awards night and celebration that will include their Athlete of the Year awards in the various age categories and events in both track and field.

In conjunction with those awards, Athletics Ontario also confirmed their Hall of Fame inductees for 2018 which will include Geordie & Earl Farrell of the Saugeen Track & Field Club.

The Farrells who founded, operated and have worked in association with the Saugeen Club since its formation in 1983 are being inducted into the Hall of Fame as " Builders " which is most fitting.

When you look at their accomplishments, it covers a wide spectrum from local, to regional, to Provincial, to National to Internationals, they've been everywhere.

Geordie has coached Saugeen Cross Country teams to National Championships and was a national coach on World Cross Country Championship Teams.

Earl was the Head Coach of the 1996 World Junior Championships team and served as president of the Ontario Track & Field Association for 35 years beginning in the late 60's.

These are remarkable achievements, but what stands out isn't what they achieved for themselves, but rather what they provided for others, especially those closest to our broadcast location.

An activity, an outlet, an organization, a sense of belonging and mostly an opportunity for youngsters in our area to test themselves, not just in the framework of track & field, but far beyond into the world at large.

In late September, Earl & Geordie Farrell will be presented with the Syl Apps Award for Achievement in the sport of Athletics.

For hundreds, maybe thousands, of families in Grey & Bruce, this award is well deserved.

I'm Fred Wallace

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