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Young (Gun) Ambassadors


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The Kilsyth Young Guns and the Kilsyth Flyers hosted the 2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships last week utilizing both the Julie McArthur Regional Rec Centre and the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre.

Fifteen teams, all but 4 from outside of our region, competed which had to be a nice April bonus for various services and businesses in the city & region.

While the two host entries didn't claim the overall championships, their efforts were magnificent.

The Young Guns seemed to be playing an overtime game every contest.

And the Flyers finished with a winning record in taking the " B " side Gold medal, unfortunately, their 3 & 2 mark in the preliminary round wasn't enough to get them to the " A " side by the weekend.

The weekend champions, I think it's fair to say, were deserving.

The T-Miss team from Quebec ran the table in the Girls Division.

And in the Boys Division, the Sting illustrated all week that they were the best of the best in this age group.

Which brings me to what I thought stood out all week on the ice and off; how grown up these youngsters were.

On the ice, I didn't witness anything that was overly aggressive or boorish.

And off the ice, especially as illustrated  by the tournament banquet, all 15 teams were upbeat but also respectful from start to finish.

Broomball doesn't have the highest profile in the country, but the profile of the sport, certainly at the Juvenile age bracket, was well represented last week in Owen Sound.

I'm Fred Wallace

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