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Worthy Recognition For Knights


By Fred Wallace

I was pleased to see the results of the recently staged Meaford Chamber of Commerce Community Awards.

The 20th annual banquet was highlighted by a number of honors and presentations including a  Special Merit Award for the Meaford Knights Hockey Team.

The Knights were cited by the Chamber of Commerce for " exceptional effort over the past year that has enhanced the quality of life within the Meaford community. "

I was happy to see the recognition because I've been to Meaford over the last 5 years, primarily on Knights Home games on Thursday nights.

From early Fall through the Winter months, the Knights compete in the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League.

Over those 5 years, the Knights have never had a staggering playoff run or a championship season, but you cannot deny that they have relatively quickly become a part of the town fabric.

Off the ice, they participate in various community activities, campaigns and awareness raisers.

And on the ice at home, night after night, I generally see them play hard against teams that more often than not have a higher talent level.

Furthermore, what I find most compelling about the Knights is following home games as you walk through the lobby of the Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre, the lobby is crowded and the chatter is loud, usually about hockey, but always about community and the Knights to their credit, as recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, have made Thursdays in Meaford a great night out.

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