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A Hockey Day in Owen Sound?


By Fred Wallace

Watching the TCDMHA Rebels & the Shallow Lake Lakers play for the WOAA North Division Atom Championship at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre this year, I was struck by a thought for a novel promotion.

The WOAA has teams in every Minor Hockey age bracket stretching through a wide variety of towns and villages in Grey, Bruce & beyond.

I'm assuming Atom is the largest age group in the WOAA with the keenest participants, that is, players whose hockey dreams are still very real.

The Harry Lumley-Bayshore in Owen Sound is the biggest venue, with the biggest ice surface, the largest number of seats, the most visible scoreboard and the largest sound system for 100 kilometres.

And the Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey League are the biggest hockey attraction over that same geographical radius.

So my concept is, why not merge all 3 components for a special hockey day each season ?

Have WOAA Atom games, playoff or otherwise, staged at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre, starting at, say, 11 am one Saturday and run those games through the entire afternoon prior to an Attack game.

I think it would be good for the city of Owen Sound.
I think it would be good for the Owen Sound Attack.
And I KNOW, based on the Lakers-Rebels game it would be BIG for all of those involved.

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