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Kids Losing Interest In Sports Activities.


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I saw the results of a recent survey that proclaimed only 9% of kids listed playing sports among their favorite weekend activities.

A similar poll done 5 years ago showed the result as 31%, so the drop is alarming.

Why is that ?.....................I don't know, but I could guess at a number of factors.

Overall, the findings of the survey seem strange, almost sad, to me. 

Thinking back to the late 1960's and early 70's, it seems that's all we did was play sports, weekend or otherwise.

Proximity had a lot to do with it.

Until 1971, our family lived at 189 Robert St, RIGHT beside Huron Park Public School in Midland, so day or night, there was always baseball, or football & sometimes soccer to be played.

In the winters, my dad flooded our garden which naturally became known as " Wallace Gardens " for the me and the neighbourhood Bobby Hulls.

There was organized sports, sure, but there was also a never ending rotation of road hockey, work-ups and, once, when the number of buddies was low, 4 of us invented a baseball game in Frank Palmer's backyard that was perfect for pre-teen kids.

It's said that numbers don't lie, and therefore the findings of the survey of youngsters favorite weekend activities illustrates that sports has declined significantly over a 5 year span, and in my mind massively since the days on Robert Street.

I'm Fred Wallace

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