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International Fastball..... at Vasey


By Fred Wallace


 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


There's a neat fastball event set for this coming weekend in.........Vasey.


The event this Friday & Saturday is a 3 team affair with the Dominican Republic National Men's team competing against the host Vasey Countrymen who play in the Simcoe Rural Fastball League, and the Owen Sound Junior Selects.


There will be two games Friday night, with the first one going at 6:30 pm, and then 4 more games on Saturday starting at 9:30, more or less in a round robin format, although the Dominican Republic will get in 5 games over the course of 2 days.


I smiled when I saw this event.


I smiled because Vasey isn't the biggest centre in Simcoe County....far from it. Give yourself 30 seconds and you can likely go through Vasey twice.


I smiled because there's a family connection; my uncle Roy lived in the big house beside the ball park which served as a marvellous playground in the 60's for my cousins and I.


And I smiled because I have NO idea how long they've been playing at Vasey, but it's a lengthy term, thinking of the heyday of pitcher Bobby Widdes, and every Robinson, farmer or otherwise, that ever lived and played in the community.


Vasey isn't big, but the fastball games with the Countrymen, the Junior Selects & the Dominican Republic Friday & Saturday in the village look fairly big to me.


I'm Fred Wallace

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