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Tiger is Back!


By Fred Wallace

 It was remarkable in July to watch the final round of the British Open after our latest round at Sauble Golf & Country.


Somewhere around 11 am that Sunday morning, Tiger Woods took the lead and the group of recreational golfers, as a group, were suddenly captivated.


Almost instantly, the clock was turned back 10, 15, 20 years.


It was Sunday.

It was a Major.

And Tiger Woods had come from behind and had the lead heading down the stretch.


As history records, Woods didn't hold his lead for long, blasting an iron into the rough from 11 tee box, but it did raise an interesting platform to debate.


Was Tiger Woods " back " ? 

Or was this simply a momentary " flashback " to what once was with this player in this sport ?


Maybe I'm nostalgic, but my inclination is to say Tiger is back, certainly back in contention as a prime time player, returning to form after all kinds of personal and professional " yips ", as golfers like to say.


In his mid 40's, Woods is not young ( anymore ), yet in golf he certainly can't be considered " old ", and if the phase of the moon is right and his game is right, I believe there's more PGA tournaments, including the Majors, to contend in and conceivably win.

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