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Rise and FALL


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


It's funny how fast the rise can be and how dramatic the Fall can be.

This applies to so many aspects of sports and life, but for today's example, we'll use the Toronto Blue Jays.

If you go back to 2015, the baseball world and prospects for the Blue Jays couldn't have been any brighter.

Decades ago Connie Mack reckoned that baseball was 75 % pitching and the case for Toronto was delightful;

Sanchez. Stroman. Osuna from the bullpen. 

All successful early. 

All under 25 at the time. 

The Jays were SET for years to come...or so it seemed.

Three years later there's a departure and a pair of health question marks for that group.

Health also contributed to the utter decline of the infield with only Justin Smoak rising from the ashes while Troy Tulowitzki & Josh Donaldson dealt with injuries and contributed little to nothing on this sorry season.

And you could go on at length, but the final factor that I see when I watch the Blue Jays are some utterly staggering defensive gaffes and base running blunders that you'd expect from a Peewee ball player but certainly not from a professional who I'd assume had encountered every scenario and been rigidly instructed for years in the basics.

It was fun for the Blue Jays and their fans while it lasted, those playoff seasons.

But the playoffs are many years away based on health and performance issues illustrated this season.

Yes, I've heard plenty about Guerrero Jr, Bichette & Pearson along with the other prospects who have poked their heads into the Majors for Toronto this year

But are the futures for those Jays prospects brighter than those forecast for Sanchez, Stroman & Osuna not that long ago ?


I'm Fred Wallace


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