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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


The National Football League is powerful. Very powerful. Frightenly powerful in its ability to influence.

I could use the highly divisive Colin Kaepernick saga, now featuring Nike shoes, as an illustration, but instead I'll use my TV set as the example.

First, tennis....

For most of last week, when time permitted, I plopped down and watched the US Open on TSN.

I've said before that while tennis is not a " must watch " for me in most cases, I generally find time to watch the matches unfold in New York, and I was eager to catch some of the Men's Final between Novak Djokovic & Juan Martin del Potro.

Next baseball.....

We're into the stretch run of the Major League Baseball season and Sunday night had a very intriguing contest at Fenway Park as the American League East leading Red Sox hosted the leaders of the West; the Houston Astros.

But as I flipped channels on Sunday evening, Djokovic & del Potro were nowhere to be found ( ESPN had the final )  plus the Red Sox & Astros were way down in the 400's..... on a channel I don't subscribe to.

What I did get Sunday evening was the NFL game between the Bears & Packers on Channel 2, 4, 8 & TSN.

I understand life and broadcast life is about numbers and revenues.

And I concede the NFL attracts more of both for those who carry the football games.

But after 2 weeks of tennis on TSN, plus a season of Sunday Night Baseball on TSN, it speaks clearly to how powerful the NFL is to have a major tennis championship and a potential baseball playoff matchup essentially dusted in favor of an NFL game in Week # 1.


I'm Fred Wallace





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