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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The race season at Hanover Raceway concluded on Saturday with 12 races and all kinds of awards and promotional prizes.

It's hard to determine who was happier on Saturday; whether it was one of the horsemen for their 2018 accomplishments or one of the fans- especially the family that took home the Grand Prize TV.

On the track, driver Ryan Holliday of Mount Forest was a double winner.

Holliday stood in the Winner's Circle with his family and accepted two driving titles; one as the Top Dash Driver of the season and the second for having the best winning percentage.

It speaks volumes that not that long ago, Holliday was a youthful newcomer to the driving circles, and seemingly in a short period of time has become a dominating performer, especially over the last 3 weeks when he was winning 5 times or more per night.

The Trainer of the Year, based on winning percentage, was Andrew McCabe.

In terms of the top horses this season at Hanover Raceway three awards were presented.

The Claimer of the Year was " ChiefTalkAlot ", the Trotter of the Year was " Flexie " and the 2018 Horse of the Year at Hanover was " Little Clayt " who fittingly won its final start of the year, winning the 1st on Saturday night.

Hanover Raceway had a terrific season in 2018, thanks to a certain degree to exceptional weather through the Spring & Summer.

The 2019 race season at Hanover Raceway commences on June 1st


I'm Fred Wallace


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