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30th Annual LAST Season


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


Welcome to the 30th annual " Last Year " of Ontario Hockey League action in Owen Sound.

Actually, the season for the Attack starts tonight on the road at Barrie against the Colts before they return Saturday for their home opener against Sudbury.

The Platers-cum-Attack were projected to be elsewhere by everybody, especially the Southern Ontario media, who had the Owen Sound franchise heading anywhere from Toronto to Timbuktu from 1989 onwards.

My favorite was the guy in Windsor, around 1999, who told me point blank, & wrote in his publication, that the Platers would be in Chatham by the next season.

When I asked where he got the information from, he looked at me and admitted he made it up, .....just so he wouldn't be left out of the guessing game that was transpiring on air and in print around the province.

Now in fairness, the guys in Eastern Ontario did have it right when they related to me the Platers were going to Cornwall.

That WAS accurate.....for 96 hours, then that departure was halted in what ranks as maybe the 2nd best story over the past 29 years and counting.

The top story, no question is the Jarrod Maidens goal that won the 2011 OHL Championship at Mississauga.

And over the course of time in Owen Sound there have been countless great games, great moments and great stories that would take 30 years to recount and recap.

Which brings us tonight; Owen Sound Attack at Barrie to face the Colts.

Welcome to the 30th annual " Last Year " of OHL Hockey for Owen Sound.


I'm Fred Wallace




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