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Streak Snapped


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


While I was in Barrie last night watching the Attack get slaughtered 9-2 by the Colts, I drifted & started to keep an eye on the NFL game at Cleveland where the Browns were hosting the New York Jets.

In a stunner, the Browns rallied from an injury to their starting quarterback, rallied from an early deficit &, while not as staggering as the Blue Jay comeback in baseball, Cleveland came back to beat the New York jets 21-17.

The significance....?

Cleveland had not won a game since December 24th, 2016,...... a streak of 19 straight NFL games.

NINETEEN in a row without is a lifetime for a pro football team, and likely even longer for the long suffering fans of the Browns.

Earlier this week in baseball, I watched the Baltimore Orioles hosting the Blue Jays at Camden Yards.

Not that the Blue Jays are world beaters, but the once proud-pitching rich Orioles established a dubious Baltimore franchise record this week with their 108th loss of the season.

The Orioles came to Baltimore from St Louis in the early 1950's where they were known as the Browns.

The Browns hold the overall franchise record for futility at 111 losses in a baseball season, a mark the Baltimore Orioles will surely bypass by the end of the season...maybe tie by the end of the weekend as they meet the Yankees.

Of course, using the Cleveland Browns as the measuring stick for losing; the Orioles once started the Major League season with 21 straight losses back in 1988.

Every 30 years it seems the Orioles have a terrible season.

There are other examples of failure; of course; some will point to the Toronto Maple Leafs and their never ending quest for the Stanley Cup dating back to 1967 as the ultimate example of lack of success....

But the Leafs are 2 & 0 in preseason and I don't foresee a Browns or Oriole like losing skid for the Leafs this year


Have a great weekend.


I'm Fred Wallace




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