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The Nick of Time


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Owen Sound Attack will be in Guelph tomorrow night for their first divisional game of the Ontario Hockey League season.

The Attack roster heading into the game was bolstered without making a transaction as the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL returned forward Nick Suzuki to the Attack this week.

Suzuki had been acquired by the Habs from Vegas as a key part of the Max Pacioretty deal earlier this month.

And after training camp and a 2 game pre-season look-see, Montreal did the right thing, in the view of many, and returned Suzuki to the OHL Attack for one last season.

I think everyone in these parts would have been quite happy & very proud had Nick made the NHL Canadiens.

Having said that, those same people are likely overjoyed to see him return and approach significant club milestones.

During his time in Owen Sound, Nick Suzuki has put up 107 goals, 127 assists & 234 points....

Nick Suzuki needs 27 goals to become the franchise leader in goals scored.

Nick Suzuki needs 66 assists to become the franchise leader in helpers.

& Nick Suzuki needs 92 points to become the all time franchise leader for points accumulated.

In this, the 30th season of OHL Hockey in Owen Sound, those targets are both lofty and historically important & it will be fun to watch the pursuit unfold.

...........Having said all that, let's keep in mind Nick Suzuki is ONE player in a team game, retning to play for a team that got whacked 9-2 in their season opener.


You might write that opening night loss at Barrie as a fluke, a blip or happenstance. I don't.


Barrie got what they deserved that night & so too did Owen Sound, who exhibited almost every negative trait that has the coaches & managers somewhat wary of the road ahead.


Nick Suzuki is one player, a great player, but there's no way one player, any player, can make up 7 goals and the challenge for the Attack, beginning tomorrow night, is to be a better team now with the return of an exceptional player


I'm Fred Wallace






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