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Cool Day For Kulakowskys


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The annual Coyote Race was staged Saturday in Meaford

Good fortune seemed to be on the side of the organizers from the Georgian Bay Coyotes as the weather threatened, periodically drizzled, but never got to the point of jeopardizing the course or the runners.

It was an almost typical weather day for those who run cross country; okay, but not perfect.

It was a very good day for the Kulakowsky Family.

In the Grade 1-2 Girls race, Ella Kulakowsky from Beaver Valley was the winner.

Two races later in the Grade 3-4 Girls race, sister Freja Kulakowsky also took first place.

And not to be outdone, Kaj Kulakowsky followed with the victory in the Grade 5-6 Boys Division.

On the day there were 10 races staged with a terrific turnout in the neighbourhood of 430 youngsters which represents a continually growing activity.

And while it was a showcase for the Coyotes Club, it also was a primer on 2 levels.

First, the Bluewater Elementary Races are in front of us with the East Meet set for Thursday at the Kiwanis Complex in Owen Sound and the Bob Atkinson Memorial Meet for Bluewater West athletes scheduled for October 10th at Saugeen Bluffs.

Plus, from an organizing standpoint, the races last Saturday at Meaford served as a terrific preparation session for the 2018 Ontario Minor Cross Country Meet which will be conducted by the Georgian Bay Coyotes in Meaford on the same course & facility as last Saturday's affair.


I'm Fred Wallace


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