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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


Periodically there are discussion about the worst job in sports.

I don't know if it's the worst job in sports, but being the Travelling Secretary for the Colorado Rockies over the past week and a half must have been tough.

The Rockies played their final week of regular season games at home, fully engaged in a sprint to the finish with the LA Dodgers for 1st in the National League West.

During the last week, it was entirely possible that the Rockies could win the division, or finish second.

It was entirely possible that the Rockies could have been the host team for the opening of a playoff series with Atlanta OR the Rockies could have made the trip TO Atlanta to open the playoffs and thus travel arrangements would have been required.

As it turned out, the Rockies and Dodgers tied for 1st after 162 games and the Travelling Secretary had to book flights and rooms for a Tiebreaker Game at Dodgers Stadium Monday.

Then.......well, if the Rockies won the Tiebreaker game, arrangements would have to be made in advance to fly from LA to Atlanta to open the National League Division Series.

As it turned out, the Rockies LOST the Tiebreaker Game and immediately had to get to Chicago for the Wild Card Game the following evening against the Cubs.

And while the team was winging their way half was across the United States, the Travelling Secretary needed to make arrangements for the Rockies in the event of victory for a series against the Brewers.

Naturally, the Rockies went extra innings last Tuesday night and beat the Cubs which set up the final verification for the opening of their series at Milwaukee.

The World of Sports Administration seems great from the outside, but for the Travelling Secretary of the Colorado Rockies, the last 10 days coordinating flights & accommodation in LA, Chicago, Atlanta ( just in case ) and finally Milwaukee, must have been a NIGHTMARE.


I'm Fred Wallace

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