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The Milestones I'll Miss...


By Fred Wallace

 I'm on the road today, and for the next couple of days.


Thus, I'm going to miss a handful of Attack games and, I hope, I'm going to miss a number of milestones.


First, to backtrack to Wednesday night, the deflection goal by Maksim Sushko gives him 50 career OHL goals.


The next most likely to reach a significant round number should be Markus Phillips.


The stretch pass from Phillips to Alan Lyszczarczyk Wednesday night gave Phillips 99 career points, so I'm fairly certain I won't get to see point # 100.


Kevin Hancock had a strong 4 point game against Hamilton and if he has 4 points tonight, or over the weekend, or over the course of the next week, he'll have 200 career points


And Nick Suzuki also needs 4 points for a round number, that being 250 career points


Once Suzuki gets to 250 points, he'll be 6th all time in franchise points and it shouldn't take him more than 2 weeks to bypass Wayne Primeau & Joey Hishon and settle into 4th.


Still with Nick Suzuki, he has 133 career assists which leaves him tied for 9th in franchise history with........Grayden Reid


Plus, Suzuki's 112 career goals means he needs 3 more to catch Jimmy Brown for 5th in franchise goals scored


For the record, Bobby Ryan is the Owen Sound franchise leader with 133


Finally, Aidan Dudas has 93 career points, so I'm wondering how close to 100, or if he'll bypass 100, during the 3 games I'll miss.


Sushko, Phillips, Hancock, Suzuki & Dudas, all staring significant milestones in the face, all representing why the last 3+ years in Owen Sound have been very good.


See you in a week.

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