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Individual or Team ?


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


One of the unique aspects of sports is that there is individual success..... and there is team success.

Sometimes, one is linked positively with the other.

For example, Bobby Orr's greatness was unquestionably linked to the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup victories in the 70's.

Yet there are many times when a player's individual excellence doesn't translate to team success; I'll use Tony Gwynn of the Padres as an example from baseball.

In Owen Sound, the Aquatic Club has made a shift from individual to team accomplishment with their major meet.

For several years, McDonald's & the Aquatic Club have conducted a very successful Canadian Record Challenge whereby any swimmer who beat an existing Canadian record at the meet would win a nice 4 digit cash payout.

With changes made nationally at the Swim Canada level, the Aquatic Club also shifted their meet date to November from April and altered the concept from individual to team.

This weekend, the YMCA of Owen Sound-Grey-Bruce Pool will be the site for the McDonald’s Team Challenge 

The focus for this event is now on teams, and the club that garners the most points based on individual and relay performances will win a tidy sum of $1500 for their club.

For a swim club, or any organization sports or otherwise, $ 1,500 can go a long way.

In the case of the Owen Sound Aquatic Club, they fully intend on winning their inaugural meet and utilizing the funds provided by McDonald's for underwater cameras to film and further instruct their athletes.

Individual or team. Take your pick. But I see more winners for the McDonald's Team Challenge this weekend.


I'm Fred Wallace

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