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Three Cases Closed


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


I rest my case..........or, I rest my cases.

Case # 1; was it coincidence that a rested and highly prepared Owen Sound Attack club defeated the London Knights 5-1 on Saturday night ?

The Attack had a week between games, and with that amount of time to get ready, they were able to upset the Knights and halt a 15 game London win streak.

Many times, the Attack are on the road Friday nights and thus many times there is no such thing as " home ice advantage " when the Saturday night opponent either hasn't played on the Friday night, or if they did play, the opponents location allowed them to be closer to Owen Sound for Saturday than the Attack.


Case #2; I used the word " upset " for Owen Sound's victory over London and I believe that.

I believe that the Knights will be the 2019 Western Conference Champions.

I believe that the Knights will be in the 2019 Robertson Cup for the OHL Championship.

Many will say, rightly so based on Saturday's result, the Attack can play with London on any given night.

BUT.........what London has in spades that Owen Sound does not is currency, currency in prospects, currency in draft picks to make deals to upgrade.

The Knights sat out 3 of their 9 defenders Saturday along with their first round draft pick + they also have a stockpile of drafts picks from every team that's rolled over or been coerced into making a transaction with them.

Owen Sound has none of that, so unfortunately the next Attack move is not for the short term.


& Finally Case # 3; the Attack are at home TONIGHT, on a TUESDAY against divisional rival Guelph with 3rd place in the Conference on the line.

Somehow, Guelph manages to play twice in Owen Sound this year on non-traditional home nights, that is, any night other than Saturday.

Yet in Guelph, Owen Sound parades in 4 Friday nights this year, like every year, knowing a home game awaits 24 hours later back in Owen Sound as outlined in Case # 1.

How is this fair ?


Enjoy Sean Durzi Bobblehead Night tonight at 7 when the Attack host the Storm.


I'm Fred Wallace





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