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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


I hope everyone had a good cry over the weekend pertaining to the Attack trades.

Before departing for Erie this weekend, I heard a lot of whimpering, and I fully believe a good cry is a better way to cleanse the system.

And truthfully, did you not see this coming ?

On November 14th, prior to the Attack game against Sarnia, in this space, we related the distinct possibility major alterations were coming.

A month later, riding a 5 game win streak, in this space, we informed you NOTHING was changing and a dispatch by the Attack was on the horizon.

And finally to cap 2018, on the last day of the year, with the Attack struggling after the Christmas Break, in this space, we documented the harsh reality of what the future held for the Attack.

How many times do you have to be alerted ?

Changing gears, you may wonder how I knew this.

Was it dumb luck ? Or did they tell me in advance ?

The answer is I knew well in advance, in fact, the Attack brass have been talking about the potential of this since June and unfortunately, the possibility became reality.

Do I like the trades ? No.

But let's go over it one more time......

Alphabetically, Durzi, Hancock, Phillips, Roberts & Suzuki are the kind of players, and the kind of young people we want in Owen Sound; solid performers who should play their entire term here.

But give or take a few examples, what was under the now departed wasn't very strong or deep.

Furthermore, until the alterations, the draft cupboard was also barren.

And in Owen Sound we cannot afford to have an eyesore season, nor consecutive years in which we're not competitive, thus, like it or not, the transactions were made.

So, stop crying !!


I'm Fred Wallace

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