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What is Owen Sound ?


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Is Owen Sound a sports town...or a cultural centre ?

Probably both as illustrated by the events of the last week.

We mentioned in this space previously the ongoing " Saving Face " exhibit at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery that features hockey goalie mask art along with the GIANT 8 foot high goalie mask which will reside here for the long term.

Again that exhibit runs to the end of March at The Tom.

Meanwhile, following the Attack game last Saturday I encountered the cast & crew of the Owen Sound Little Theatre who had just concluded their production run of " Shorthanded ", a hockey oriented look at life, friends and family through the perspective of 8 beer leaguers.

At the wrap up party it was very apparent everyone involved was beyond happy with the sequence of performances that attracted large crowds throughout a 2 week run at The Roxy.

It was also apparent, at least to me, there was an air of disappointment among those at the festivities that the performances had come to a conclusion.

From the outside, I got the distinct impression that the 8 on stage performers actually believed they were part of a legitimate hockey team and as such had been bonded through years & years of group experiences, even though they had been together for just a few months counting rehearsals & even though at least 2 of the actors were " newbies " to wearing skates.

Such is the power of sport in our world to create that feeling and image of team togetherness.

Such is the illumination and statement by the arts & cultural community to capture those feelings and images.


I'm Fred Wallace


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