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The Best of 3


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Thursday night is generally " Hockey Night  " in Meaford. But not tonight.

Tuesday night WAS " Hockey Night " in Meaford and so too will tomorrow night also be " Hockey Night " in Meaford.

The Knights finished 8th in the North Division of the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League and as a result were forced to play an Elimination Game on Tuesday night against the South Muskoka Shield.

In a game that was very tight for 50 minutes, the Knights led by a hat trick from Tyler Arsenault pulled away and scored a 6-1 triumph over the Shield

That victory allowed Meaford to advance to the North Quarterfinals, a best of 3 against the North Division Regular Season Champion Bradford Rattlers.

Make no mistake, the Knights are underdogs, HUGE underdogs in this series.

The Rattlers went 35 & 7 this year finishing more than 30 points ahead of Meaford, so on paper, this is no contest.


Well, there's possibilities.

First, the Knights, and not Bradford, will host Game 1 in the series tomorrow night at 7:30 pm at the Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre.

Two, the last two head-to-head meetings in Meaford have been narrow victories for the Rattlers.

And 3, it's a best of 3 series, a short series where anything can happen.

In a best of 7, I doubt Meaford would have a hope.....but in a best of 3 with Game 1 in the Castle, I'm not ruling out the Knights for a stunning upset.


I'm Fred Wallace

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