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Germany Wins Jackrabbit Carnival


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The other youth oriented activity I was involved with over the weekend was the annual Georgian Bay Nordic Jackrabbit Carnival.

This is the 3rd, maybe 4th, year that I've ventured out to the beautifully groomed Sawmill Trail at Hepworth to watch the proceedings.

In a somewhat Winter Olympic style, the Jackrabbits are divided into 5 teams or countries; Finland, France, Germany, Norway &.......Canada.

Each of the 5 entries rotates through a sequence of fun, but skill testing, events;

- Biathlon

- Chariot Races

- Obstacle Course

- Ski Soccer

& the most gruelling of the food oriented activities; the Timbit-Egg Relay.

After 90 minutes of rotating through the 5 stations, points are tabulated, standings are announced and then the Championship is ultimately decided by virtue of....a Tug of War.

For the 2019 Carnival, Germany won the title, scoring 188 points in the stations and then adding 50 bonus points by winning the Tug of War, most impressively being the only country to win when pulling Northeast on the course.

There were probably 80 youngsters involved in the day, seemingly a lower number than other years, which brings us to the sole drawback to the Jackrabbit program as I see it; the ratio of youngsters to coaches & volunteers is such that Jackrabbit participation is capped. 

If, or with, more support, more adults, more helpers, I firmly believe there'd be more smiles, young & old, on Jackrabbit Carnival Day for the Georgian Bay Nordic.


I'm Fred Wallace


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