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An NBA Season of Intrigue


By Fred Wallace

 The NBA season has had an appeal to me this year, maybe for the first time since the old Buffalo Braves, I find myself tuning in or keeping tabs.


Naturally, the Raptors success has been a very large factor, plus the derby for 1st in the Conference with Milwaukee has also been a hook.


And with this somewhat heightened interest, I've also found some appealing characteristics among the players.


For example, Toronto's Kyle Lowry was the subject of trade talks in mid February and he came right out and said, " I want to stay in Toronto and win in Toronto. "


In fairness, I wish Kawhi Leonard would make a similar statement, but that's for another day.


Meanwhile following a big Bucks victory at Toronto this Winter All Star Khris Middleton was asked by the media if Milwaukee's success was striking a blow for " small " markets.


Middleton said, ' yes ', but then went on to relate the size of the market has very little to do with the potential success, or failure, of an organization.


The point he made was the Bucks management had done a great job to put a great team on the floor and that team happened to play in Milwaukee, not LA, not Chicago, not New York or Boston, those centres always to have been deemed as NBA Havens for players and outside opportunities.


So I hope Kyle Lowry stays with the Raptors. And I hope the Milwaukee Bucks continue to thrive, no matter the country or the size of the market.

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