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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


We're in-between currently; the Ontario Hockey League Playoffs ended for the Owen Sound Attack last Friday night...and the OHL Priority Selection is coming up on Saturday.

So, let's look back.

The Attack were eliminated by the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds which likely surprised no one, but within the set there were surprises.

You can bet that no one saw Owen Sound winning the opening game, let alone on the road, let alone in overtime on a power play at that.

Unfortunately, the Sault was more talented, deeper and any break they got or worked for was used to full advantage.

After winning the opener, the Attack faltered in Period 1 of Game 2, falling behind too far to make a comeback.

In Game 3 in Owen Sound, a dangerous shooter in Keeghan Howdeshell wasn't covered tight enough and a 2-2 game became a 5-2 win for the Soo.

Do we want to talk about Game 4 ?

And in game 5, the Attack valiantly to keep their season alive, opening the scoring, falling behind 3-1, fighting back to grab a 4-3 lead before giving up 2 goals against in just over a minute to finish the series.

You can make the argument that Hayton, Frost, Hollowell, Howdeshell & Sambrook were better than anybody Owen Sound had on paper, and on the ice.

And you cannot deny that Wale, LeGuerrier, Johnston and Kartye were vital factors in Sault Ste Marie going to Round 2.

Still, the games in the series were mostly close and that's a credit to the Attack as they look towards Saturday's Draft and starting the process for " next year ".

Will next year be better than this year ? We'll talk about that at a later date.


I'm Fred Wallace

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