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By Fred Wallace

 Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Ontario Hockey League Conference Semifinals commence tonight.

I'll call Guelph & Saginaw to win in the Western Conference series and Ottawa & Niagara to win in the East.

Am I convinced of this...? ....No I'm not.

Nor am I convinced of the order the Ontario Hockey League's Priority Selection  which begins tomorrow morning, .....but here goes;


1. Kingston - Shane Wright

2. Flint - Brennan Othmann

3. Erie - Connor Lockhart..................although there may be a snag there

4. Barrie - Brandt Clarke

5. Peterborough - Mason McTavish...although there's all kinds of drama & tangles there.

6 Windsor - Francesco Pinelli...maybe Lockhart IF he fell, but I'll stick with Pinelli.

7 Sarnia - Isaac Enwright 

8 Hamilton - Wyatt Johnston...apparently that's a lock.

9 North Bay - Liam Arnsby IF the scouts are picking...but I understand Daniel Michaud is the prototypical Battalion forward in the mould of Goodrow, Brazeau & Coe.

And then............... # 10 Owen Sound.

Earlier General Manager Dale DeGray was quoted as saying, he'd rather pick 7th than 10th, which translated to today means he's hoping for a miracle sequence that would see Lockhart or McTavish available.

He might be dreaming ( in technicolor ) at # 10 for those two to be available.

Which leaves an interesting group of three;

1) Ryan Winterton, in some eyes destined for Kitchener

2) Deni Goure out of Chatham, a Brendan Gaunce type player who factored into more than 50% of his teams scoring

& 3) Michaud.

Again, I'll call Guelph, Saginaw, Ottawa & Niagara to win their playoff series.

And tomorrow, I'll say Deni Goure will be pick # 10 for Owen Sound

We'll see.


I'm Fred Wallace


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