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The NFL Reigns


By Fred Wallace

 I've said this many times, but if you want a true sense of what's what in the continent we live on, spend time in the United States of America and your perspective will be crystal clear.


Let's talk team sports.


In North America there are the BIG 4; alphabetically, Baseball, Basketball, Football & Hockey.


If you were to rank their significance in the eyes of the North American sports viewing public there is NO question in my mind, NFL Football would be the leader, and the margin between the NFL and any of the other three members of the BIG 4 would be MASSIVE.


This point was hammered home on Thursday April 25th when I was in Las Vegas with Puppy White Tours.


As is custom for me during Vegas nights, I wandered into Caesar's Palace, or as I call it; " Little Caesar's Palace ", to watch an evening of NHL Playoff Hockey, NBA Playoff Basketball and a full slate of Major League Baseball games.


I really had only a smidge of an idea that the NFL Draft was being staged that day. 


That's my perspective.


I quickly found out who's really the king at Caesar's Palace.


The biggest screens in the Sports Bar were tuned to the NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee with Broadway Street in that city jammed to capacity.


At Caesar's, you could still watch the other sports that night, but the audio for those games was muted, so NO ONE, and there were many in the bar, would miss a precious second of Day 1 of the NFL Draft.


Forget that a large percentage of the players in the first round of any NFL Draft won't go far.


And forget the endless commercials for Old Navy and the lame promos for the lame ABC programs, the viewing public at Little Caesar's wanted the 1st round of the NFL Draft in it's entirety that night, and hockey, basketball and baseball could stand in line until another day.

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