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Do You Remember What You Were Worried About Last Year ?


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


On my bulletin board there's a sequence of adages, mantras and guidelines for getting through life both on a day to day basis and in the long run.

One of the most applicable slogans that stares me in the face these day is, " Do You Remember What You Were Worried About At This Time Last Year ? " 

I can't speak for March 26, 2019, but I do remember in early April last year being concerned about the National Football League Draft.

In 2019, the NFL Draft was in Nashville. I was in Las Vegas.

I mentioned in this space about a year ago, how in spite of the NHL Playoffs, the NBA Playoffs and the start of the Major League Baseball season, the NFL and their fans took over the sports bar at Caesars Palace and all the big screens and all the audio in the venue was centered around the draft.

Then there was the visual of Broadway Street in Nashville which was packed with individual sections cordoned off and designated for each NFL club and their fans.

It was a wild scene both at Caesars Palace and more so in Nashville.

So with the 2020 NFL Draft scheduled to be hosted in Las Vegas, the members of Puppy White Tours made the almost immediate decision to book Vegas 2020 earlier than normal to avoid the hoopla.

And look what happened.....

After almost a decade and a half of continuous Puppy White Tours, the 2020 junket is in limbo.

As for the National Football League, they WILL proceed with the Draft on April 23rd-25th, BUT will cancel the public events so the sprawling party atmosphere of Nashville will be virtually eliminated.

" Do You Remember What You Were Worried About At This Time Last Year ? " 


I'm Fred Wallace


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